Saturday, June 12, 2010


My work days start in class with these munchkins. They're fantastic! If you can't tell by this picture, my boys are crazy. My girls are sweethearts! And i LOVE it.
Let me introduce you to them!

the boys.
Adam. Is a stinkin' riot. He is always doing KPop dance moves attempting to wrestle N0-ah. Which , considering the size difference, is almost impossible. I hardly walk into class and not find them in a full out wrestling match. No-ah and Adam are buddies.

No. Or more class room appropriate Noah. Some of you might remember the story, but on No's first day in my class, i asked him to to pick an English name. He told me he wanted to be called "No". I was thoroughly confused. I asked him, "Do you want to be called Noah?" And he said, "No. NO!" A joke and a joy ever since. This kid is brilliant. My favorite moment in this class thus far is with No and Adam. Adam was talking a lot on day in class. Answering a lot of questions and well, No was getting ticked. So, No, nonchalantly reaches over and covers Adams mouth with his hand. No, without any hesitation and impeccable timing sticks his tongue out and licks the heck out of his hand. I couldn't hold back the laughter! It was SO funny.

Alex is a my rebellious teacher's pet. He's great! He is just learning English and his favorite thing is when i ask him what the weather is. Part of my curriculum teaches the weather and the differences between rain, raining, rainy, etc. So, i start a lot of my days asking the kids what the weather is like today. Alex will answer and say " Today's weather is sunny, and hot, and rainy, and snowy, and wet and dry and Sarah Teacher, and Alex... yada yada yada." until i cut him off with an "Oh Alex!"

Tim is my man of many voices. Holy heck this kid is full of energy and quickly established himself as my class clown. I say that he is the man of many voices, because every time i ask him a question or ask him to read is does so with an absolutely hilarious voice. And while most of the time i cannot understand a bloody thing he is say, i cannot stifle the fun because he's taken speaking English to a whole new level and it just makes me smile! I do believe he also holds a record for most request to "SIT DOWN."
My boys like to give me high fives. I let them give me a high five when the can tell me their poems by memory or when they leave class. They thoroughly enjoy a little game we're created: How many rapid high fives can i give Miss Sarah before she pulls her hands away. It's fun.

the girls. my sweet girls.
Diana. Oh Diana. She is one smart girl and does she have a lip on her! Holy toledo. But i can handle it. She loves to speak Korean in class, which is a no-no. So I often encourage her by saying, "Only English ladies!" To which she responds, "But Miss Sarah, this is Korea." A comment most often accompanied with a half-scared look of rebellion. A funny one she is! : )

Julie. Is a knockout sweetheart. First in line to turn in her homework and always trying to tell me a story about her day or weekend, she just melts my heart. Most of those conversations go like this. "Teacher. Jessica. After A-Class. Game." Which means "Teacher, guess what! After A-Class, Jessica is coming to my house to play!" I've become a professional decoder. Anyway, Julie loves to play Simon says. One day after i had had it with the daily, "TTEEEEECCCCHHHHEEERRRR. GAAAAMMMMEEEE!!!! " I taught my class to say "Miss Sarah, may we play Simon says please?" I start almost every day with it and Julie's eyes light up. She rocks that madness with all seriousness and it just makes me smile. She's a pro.

Hannah. Miss Hannah. My royal Space Cadet. This girl has mastered the art of spacing out, and almost daily, as i'm making my way to class, she b-lines it to the bathroom. She likes to hide, or escape, or whatever it is she is trying to do. If my reflexes are oiled my quick "HANNAH" will stop her mid dash and she turn around defeated and trudge back to class. Most of the time i cannot find her, and she doesn't make it to class until well into the first 10 minutes. She doesn't speak English very well at all, BUT i would say she has improved the most. When i first took over the class she was not even willing to read out loud, now, she bolts out what she knows!
The girls love it when i secretly tell them to lip sync the songs on the girl part. It confuses the boys and they giggle uncontrollably. It makes me happy!

This is my first class!


  1. It's so obvious how much you love your kiddos!!! Thanks for sharing them with us. ;-)

  2. Thanks for sharing your first class, Potts! They're adorable! I'll be prayin' for those sweet faces...and the names that go with 'em!

    Love ya!


  3. This is my absolute favorite post EVER! I was so excited to meet them! You are one luck gal to be touching all these lives ;) I had to scroll up to see their faces before reading about them lol Tell them your sister says HI and so glad to have met them :D

    LOve you! Miss you a ton!!!

  4. Love the picture. Love the bios. Super cute cuties.

  5. Hey guys!!
    these are some of my kiddos!! more to come!
    thanks for reading... and im glad that you enjoyed seeing their faces! cute, no? : )

  6. Okay so you have to tell everyone about age in Korean vs American years. So interesting!

  7. So happy to "see" your kiddos..enjoyed your "first class" adventure and looking forward to the next one. Much love and prayers